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I'm collaborating with the Italian blog on applied mathematics "Math is in the air". My contributions are listed below. The picture above shows the CubeHarmonic, a new musical instrument I ideated in 2013, based on the Rubik's cube.

  • Pangolin, music, and math: in English and in Italian
  • Mathematicians in the Art gallery, in Italian
  • Dodecahedra, cubes, NIME conference 2018, and the CubeHarmonic, in Italian, with an embedded video in English
  • Dante, Gaudí, and Dalí: a journey between faith, nature, and geometry, in Italian
  • Interview with Prof. John Baez about beauty in math and nature, and environmental issues: in English and in Italian. The interview appeared also in John Baez's blog.
  • Interview with Prof. Charles Alunni about mathematics, categories, and philosophy, in Italian.
  • Interview with Prof. Mikhail Shifman about the importance of physics, and about doing physics in Russia, in Italian and in English.
  • Interview with Dr. Giorgio Chinnici about his book on the continuous, in Italian.
  • The Klein Concert and my course "Sounds, Gestures, and Diagrams," in Italian and in English. Program notes in English are available here.
  • Interview with Dr. Benny Antonini about history of computers, in Italian.
  • Borges and the vertigo of abstraction, in Italian.
  • Nobel prizes, symmetries in physics, and mirrors in the arts, in Italian.
  • The Souvenir Theorem, in Italian.
  • Chess and computer science learning! Interview with Prof. Ferrara of Ca' Foscari, in Italian
  • Interview with Dr. Robert Fathauer about math, nature, and the arts, in English and Italian.
  • Physics and Venice! Interview with Prof. Achille Giacometti of Ca' Foscari University of Venice, in Italian.
  • Violin, music and stereotypes (in collaboration with D. Passaro), in Italian
  • Sonifying medical data, in Italian.
  • Quantum Music! A report of the 1st International Symposium on Quantum Computing and Musical Creativity, Oxford University. In Italian.
  • Atlanta: Math and Music. A report of MCM 2022 conference, Georgia State University (USA), in English and in Italian.
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